Operation Avalanche



On April 22nd Coalition forces will launch Operation Avalanche in the Korengal Valley, located in the north-eastern region of Afghanistan. The Coalition have struggled for some time to establish itself as a force within the valley. Long considered to be a Taliban stronghold, the Korengal Valley was nicknamed the “Valley of Death” by U.S. forces due to the dangers associated with being stationed there, with sometimes as many as a dozen firefights per day.

The goal of the U.S. led operation is to disrupt Taliban activity in the region by conducting direct action missions which will especially target insurgent routes of transit. This action will thus contribute to regional stability and will enable command the breathing space to try and establish a peace with local village elders by offering to build them a new highway through the mountains. This highway will be funded by the Afghan government, in exchange for information about anti-governmental combatants.

The American Forces Press Service quoted Sergeant first class, J.Magana. “Our job is to secure an area of the Pech River road. The strategic location and purpose of this road make it very valuable. This road will improve the lives of the people who live here, enhance the Afghan security forces’ ability to control the area and stimulate economic and social development.”

Coalition forces will operate from the Korengal Outpost and Firebase Phoenix, the latter being in need of defensive upgrades which will also be part of the mission.
Intelligence suggests that the two closest villages in the area of operations are home to some of the best trained and well armed Taliban fighters in Northern Afghanistan. These experienced fighting units may have embedded with the local community and it is unclear as of yet whether the civilian population in the region are supporting Taliban activity or are hostile towards their influence.


CAT Tourniquets are required for this event.



Sign in takes place on Saturday evening only!
No Sign in on Sunday.

Saturday 22/04/17
Sign in open : 18:00
Sign in close: 21:00

Briefings: 21:30
Deployment: 22:00
Rest time: 23:00 – 06:00

Sunday 23/04/17
StartEx: 06:00
EndEx: 18:00

Tickets: €45

What to expect: Please read before attending!
This is a Military Simulation exercise. As such do not expect a skirmish style game with plenty of action. If you are looking for a more challenging, slower paced, realistic scenario then this is the one for you.
With this in mind please bring the right attitude to this event. Do not arrive expecting to go off task in search of a firefight, if this is your attitude then please stay at home for this one.
We expect participants to fulfill the role of their chosen faction to make the event as realistic and enjoyable for all involved.

Tickets now available!



B company 2nd Battalion 503 Infantry Regiment United States Army (40 places)


Uniform Requirements:

Matching military fatigues.
Camouflage patterns permitted : Multicam, ACU, AOR1, MARPAT, etc.
No predominantly green camouflage patterns are allowed.
No civilian clothing.
No shemaghs.

United states forces will be expected to conduct themselves as a military unit with routine and discipline, expect to operate to a time schedule and follow orders from command.
Units will be tasked with defence of Firebase Phoenix and the stabilisation of the Korengal valley.
Taskings will involve extensive patrols, meeting with locals and counter insurgency tactics.

The majority of the unit will be billeted at the KOP(Korengal Outpost) however one section will be tasked with occupying Firebase Phoenix during the night.

Kit Requirements:
Participants are expected to live out of their assigned billet. NO TENTS.
The section occupying Firebase phoenix should have a bergen or suitable carrying equipment for sleeping system, food, water and additional ammo.
Sleeping system – roll mat, sleeping bag. NO TENTS.
Direct action equipment as normal.

Taliban and Pashtun fighters(40 places)


Uniform Requirements:
Insurgent style loadout.
Mix of Afghan or Arab civilian clothing. Some green camo patterns can be mixed in.
Modern/western military equipment is allowed.
Pakol hat, shemagh or no headgear.
Kurta, shawls, Afghan patu, turbans etc. are encouraged.

No full camo or matching fatigues.
No boonie hats.
No helmets.
No baseball caps
No ghillie suits.

Please do not turn up looking like a private military contractor!

Participants in this faction should be prepared to fulfill the role of an Afghan insurgent and should be able to switch from reconnaissance in civilian clothing to direct action at a moment’s notice. Insurgents operating in the Korengal are highly skilled, disciplined and must follow structured orders from command.
Participants can expect to conduct an extensive guerrilla warfare campaign through the use of hit and run attacks, ambushes and IED’s.

Kit requirements.
Roll mat and sleeping bag. Afghan locals will be provided with suitable huts and shelters, NO MODERN / WESTERN TENTS.
Canvas tents and tarp shelters are allowed, however tents must be approved prior to the event (send us a PM).
Direct action equipment as normal.



    Recommended kit list:

Good boots.
Faction headgear and uniform
Spare socks.
Airsoft RIF.
Replica knife (knife kills).
Spare batteries for everything.
Eye protection.
Mid cap magazines.
BB’s (Biodegradable only!).
Torch (+ red filter).
Spare glow sticks.
Water for the duration of the event and the means to carry it.
Food (ration packs or tinned food etc.).
Energy food (mint cake, energy bars, glucose sweets etc.).
Cooking equipment.
Good backpack/bergen
Sleeping bag.
Ground mat.
Basha/bivi bag etc.
Orange death rag.
Spare orange death rag.
Radio (+ headset).
Multi tool.
Combat Application Tourniquet