Gates open: 18:00.
Sign in open: 20:00 – 22:00.
Chrono open: 20:00 – 22:00.

Sign in open: 08:00 – 10:00.
Chrono open: 08:00 – 10:00.
Main Safety and game brief – 11:00.
Deployment – 11:30.

Start Ex : 31/03/18 – 12:00.
End Ex : 01/04/18 – 12:00.

We strongly recommend signing in on the Friday night if possible.

Tickets will be available: 08/03/18 19:00 UTC.

March 2018.

The Central American country of Val Verde has experienced a state of relative peace as of last July. Economic stabilisation measures imposed by the junta’s leader, General Juan Jose Torres have had a positive impact on the country’s prospects and have solidified support for military rule in the short term at least.

Following the dissolution of the former regime, which had been widely regarded as a Banana Republic, a growing number of international sympathisers to Val Verde’s previous government have formed a task force with the intention of conducting clandestine operations to destabilise the current power structure.

General Torres is well aware of the threat posed by external intervention in his internal affairs. As such, Torres has begun reinforcing and strengthening critical locations and assets as well as bolstering close protection security on officials.

A DA, black op has just been green lighted. The task force have been assembled and are on high ready status awaiting Operation Orders. Meanwhile, Val Verde’s 1st Special Operations Brigade have been tasked with maintaining security at high priority locations and have counter insurgency and QRF teams on standby throughout the nation.
This is a Military Simulation exercise. As such do not expect a skirmish style game with plenty of action. If you are looking for a more challenging, slower paced, realistic scenario then this is the one for you.
With this in mind please bring the right attitude to this event. Do not arrive expecting to go off task in search of a firefight.

Our standard MilSim rules apply.

Over 16’s only.

CAT tourniquets are required for this event.

A multiple ticket purchase option will be available for this event.

A non refundable deposit payment of €30 is required to secure your place on the event.
The remainder of the €60 (total) game fee is to be paid on the day of the event.

Payment will be accepted via PayPal only for this event. Players will be able to book up to 10 tickets at a time with one payment.

OPORD’s will be emailed to all players 5 days before the Operation.

Factions for this event will be dictated by uniform colour alone. Head gear and chest rigs/tactical vests do not matter, although we advise to align yourself with your chosen faction colours on these aspects as much as possible.

Val Verde.
1st Special Operations Brigade –
Uniform requirement: green camo patterns, black camo patterns.
Places : 60

Task Force –
Uniform requirement: Multicam, desert camo patterns.
Places : 60



    Recommended kit list:

Good boots.
Faction headgear and uniform
Spare socks.
Airsoft RIF.
Replica knife (knife kills).
Spare batteries for everything.
Eye protection.
Mid cap magazines.
BB’s (Biodegradable only!).
Torch (+ red filter).
Spare glow sticks.
Water for the duration of the event and the means to carry it.
Food (ration packs or tinned food etc.).
Energy food (mint cake, energy bars, glucose sweets etc.).
Cooking equipment.
Good backpack/bergen
Sleeping bag.
Ground mat.
Basha/bivi bag etc.
Orange death rag.
Spare orange death rag.
Radio (+ headset).
Multi tool.
Combat Application Tourniquet