Site Rules

Biodegradable BB’s  only on site.

Open Blaster Bio bb’s are available on site for €10 per 3000 .2g and €12 per 3000 .25g.

You may also bring your own, checks will be done in the safe zone and during the game.

If your gun or magazines has had trouble with bio bb’s in the past we would advise you to test the bio open blasters in advance.

We advise using Green Devil Bio bb’s for PTW’s and AEG’s with tight bore barrels



Please use the bins provided in the safe zone for any rubbish you have or give it to a marshal and they will dispose of it. If no bin or marshal is near please put your rubbish in your pocket and dispose of it later.


AEG Safety:

All AEGs must be transported to the site in a concealed case or box and remain on safe, with the mag out in the safe zone!  Do not fire your AEG in the safe zone!

All AEG’s will be chronographed prior to games to ensure they are within the legal limit as in accordance with Irish law (328fps with .20g bbs or 1 Joule).

Please bring your guns to sign in, as the chronograph station is located next to it.


Eye Protection:

Goggles or safety glasses must remain on at all times in the gaming area.

In case you need to remove eye protection due to serious fogging up etc.

  1. Call yourself out of the game and display your death rag.

  2. Move to a safe location.

  3. Deal with the issue.

  4. If required call a marshal to assist you.



If you have an accident of any kind:

  1. Notify others close to you by shouting “Emergency, Emergency, Emergency!”

  2. If no marshal is present ask others to call for one close by or on PMR channel 1.0 (446.00625)

  3. You may also contact us on 086 4142373 directly.

BPA site marshals are first aid trained and will prioritise your safety in the event of an emergency.

If you have any medical issues you must notify us beforehand by phone call, email or through your registration form if applicable.

If you have any medical or first aid training and would be willing to help in the event of an emergency please notify us before the event.


Site Safety

Bellurgan Park is a working farm and this comes with certain hazards. We do everything in our power to keep players out of harms way but common sense is essential to your safety.

Due to the size of the area in play we occasionally get hill walkers or cyclists roaming through the game zone even though we have signage posted at entry points around the site. If this occurs notify a marshal immediately. Never engage any pedestrians or wildlife.

Do not climb on or damage any of the structures or stone walls on site.

Do not climb any trees.

Use caution and practice common sense on site as the ground can be hazardous. Watch where you tread and look before you leap.

Stay within the designated site boundary. The boundary is defined on your map.

Areas or doorways marked with red and white tape are no go areas.

Please close gates behind you or climb the gate at the hinge

Cattle should be given a wide birth.

Boots with ankle support must be worn.


Vehicles are only driven by in game marshals.

Marshals are trained and briefed on safety and off road driving.

There will be a strict speed limit system in place.

Keep clear of moving vehicles and use caution when taking cover near a road or track.



If a participant is feeling uncomfortable or too hot they should pace themselves! Take up a defensive position and/or rest. The action will eventually come your way. The game is only as physically demanding as you make it. Feel free to take a break whenever it suits you.

Airsofting, like many outdoor activities, comes with a certain level of risk involved and may require relative physical exertion. Participation includes inherent risks that may not be avoided. All participation is voluntary and therefore participants assume all possible risks involved.

Bring everything you will need up to the gaming area in the morning including your lunch, ammo and spare batteries.


Airsoft Rules

No Overkill:

There is no need to riddle your opponent on full auto! One shot is all it takes to eliminate a player. As soon as their hand goes up or you hear “hit” cease firing at that player, likewise it is up to the hit player to call out their hit loud and clear.

No Blind Firing:

You must be aiming down the barrel of your AEG to engage an opponent. Dont put your AEG around a corner or over a wall without looking down the sights as a player may be directly in front of your barrell. It is also in the interest of fair play.

Bang Rule:

If you come into very close contact with the enemy you may (at players discretion) shout “Bang” instead of firing. Players who have been ‘bang killed’ have the choice to take the hit and save themselves being shot at close range.

Bang kills are a courtesy and do not have to be taken, however in the interest of sportsmanship we encourage players to take them as a hit when the opposing player has managed to sneak up on you and is within a very close distance with his AEG trained on you.

Dead men don’t talk:

When you are hit and/or re-spawning do not pass on any information to other players whether it is verbal or nonverbal!


Semi auto only inside buildings.

You may fire full auto out of a building or into a building from outside.