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Milsim Information 2023

Krasnoye : Blockade 12hr Milsim
Date : 01/04/23 
NATO and RUSFOR units clash in Belarus in the continuation of our force on force series. 
The Ortega Conflict : Retribution 12hr Milsim
Date : 06/05/23
Will General Ortega get his revenge in Guyana or will he be silenced once and for all. 
Operation Hurricane 12 hr Milsim
Date : 08/07/23 
DEA units along with the Stillwater Police Dept continue to attempt to put a stop to gang warfare and the drug and arms trade in Montana. 
Operation : Orion 12hr Milsim 
Date 14/10/23
TF101 deploy into Kazakhstan in search of downed pilots and valuable cargo while being hunted by ruthless local militia.