Guyana, South America 17th April 2023

Current Situation:

Following a coup d’etat in August 2021 which ousted General Nicholas Ortega from power the nation of Guyana descended into chaos.

During the coup, Ortega managed to flee the capital which was seized by the Guyanese Defence Forces (GDF) and took shelter at the ExxonMobil head offices in the region. While Ortega waited for an airlift out of the country, GDF units located and surrounded his position. After a fierce firefight Red River Contracts who were on task protecting ExxonMobil’s assets in the region were forced to pull back leaving only the Generals personal defence forces, ‘La Unidad’ to protect him. The elite ‘La Unidad’ forces, although outnumbered, managed to defend a strongpoint within the compound and Ortega slipped through the encirclement before he could be captured. His airlift attempt thwarted by the GDF assault however, Ortega and his close protection detail were forced to take to the hills and go to ground. The Guyanese military imposed an immediate no fly zone and set up blockades on all routes in and out of the country preventing his extraction by foreign agents and supporters.

Following the Coup, ExxonMobil’s offices were completely destroyed forcing Red River Contracts to pull out of the country entirely. Ortega is now seeking to reestablish a power base in the region and is believed to be conducting a campaign to win over the hearts and minds of the local population. GDF intel reports indicate that Ortega is operating from the Acarai Mountains, a forested highland region of low mountains which borders Brazil. GDF forces have dropped a recon team on the border to try and locate Ortega’s forces and gather intel on the ground.

Gates open: 05/05/23 – 17:00
Sign in open: 05/05/23 – 17:00 – 22:00
Chrono open: 05/05/23 – 17:00 – 22:00
Start Ex : 06/05/23 – 09:00.
End Ex : 06/05/23 – 21:00.

CAT tourniquets are required for this event.

Our standard MilSim ruleset will apply.

Milsim Rules

Please read before attending!

What to expect:
This is a 12 hour Military Simulation exercise.
There are a variety of different roles in this event involving conventional warfare, scenario based objectives and some limited role play. Do not expect a skirmish style game with constant action. With this in mind please bring the right attitude to this event. Do not arrive expecting to go off task in search of a firefight, if this is your attitude then please do not book a ticket.
Be prepared to carry all your equipment to your FOB before Start Ex.
We expect participants to follow the instructions from the chain of command to ensure a realistic and enjoyable event for all involved.

Tickets available: 21/04/23 at 19:00.
Tickets €65. A non refundable deposit of €35 will be required to secure a place.

Note on uniforms for this event.
Factions in this campaign are distinguished primarily by headgear and uniform. We expect you to make a decent effort with your uniform to avoid friendly fire incidents as well as looking the part of your chosen faction.
If you are not sure about your chosen uniform please contact us before the event to check.


Guyana Defence Forces 3rd Infantry Battalion (60 places)

What to expect in this unit.
This is a conventional military force. Expect to conduct patrols, take and hold vital positions, execute planned raids and assault key positions.

Headgear requirement: Boonie hats.
Uniform requirement: Full woodland or green based camouflage fatigues.

Any colour load bearing equipment is allowed.
Any colour Boonie is allowed.

No baseball caps.
No civilian clothing.
Must have matching fatigues.
No Black clothing.


Red River Contracts (40 places)

What to expect: This is a private security faction. Expect close protection of key personnel and locations for Exxon Mobil, contact patrols and preemptive assaults against enemy units.

Uniform requirement: PMC style loadout.
Headgear requirement: baseball caps.

Uniform Recommendation: Baseball cap, flannel shirts, denim jeans, some solid colours OD/tan.

Any colour load bearing equipment is allowed.

No camouflage fatigues allowed.
No matching fatigues allowed.
No ghillie suits allowed.
No boonie hats.


La Unidad (20 places)

What to expect: This is a close protection faction. Expect to protect key personnel as well as conducting assaults on key locations and secondary direct action missions dictated by General Ortega.

Uniform Requirement : Full Black uniform.

Headgear Requirement : Black berets or baseball hats

No camouflage fatigues allowed (multicam black acceptable).
Any colour load bearing equipment is allowed.
No ghillie suits allowed.
No boonie hats.


Recommended kit list

Good boots.
Faction headgear and uniform
Spare socks.
Airsoft RIF.
Replica knife (knife kills).
Spare batteries for everything.
Eye protection.
Mid cap magazines.
Torch (+ red filter).
Spare glow sticks.
Water for the duration of the event and the means to carry it.
Food (ration packs or tinned food etc.).
Energy food (mint cake, energy bars, glucose sweets etc.).
Cooking equipment.
Good backpack/bergen
Sleeping bag.
Ground mat.
Basha/bivi bag or tent if in campsite.
Orange death rag.
Spare orange death rag.
Radio (+ headset).
Multi tool.
Combat Application Tourniquet