Operation Riptide

24 hour MilSim 17th – 18th July 2021

Due to the soaring rate of serious criminal activity, milita control of swathes of the rural areas within the region and a general state of civil unrest the State of Montanna with support from the federal government of the United State has declared a nationwide suspension of all firearms licences and imposed a localised curfews. A specialist task force combining elements from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and federal agents from The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been assembled and tasked with the mission stamp out all illegally held arms, stockpiling ammunition and the lucrative drug industry funding all nefarious activity. DEA operatives have reported that the black market in Montanna is saturated with methamphetamine and heroin due to the widespread presence of the Sinaloa Cartel, one of the most prominent criminal organistions operating in the area.  


Due to the recent crackdown on firearms the once disbanded Montana Militiamen have reestablished their organisation and declared themselves independent from the laws of the United States.  They are believed to have gained considerable support and are considered heavily armed and highly dangerous. The federal government is about to declare membership of the organisation a criminal offence.  


Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, has greenlighted the joint task force of ATF and DEA operatives to deploy to Montana to assist the local police force in dealing with the local militias, stamping out the influence of the Sinaloa Cartel and restoring law and order in the region. ATF and DEA elements have moved to a covert staging area in the state capital city Helena and are awaiting further orders. 

Recent news report on the situation: https://www.stillwatercountynews.com/content/montana%E2%80%99s-fight-against-meth-and-mexican-drug-cartels



Gates open: 16/07/21 – 17:00

Sign in open: 16/07/21 – 17:00 – 22:00

Chrono open: 16/07/21 – 18:00 – 22:00

Sign in open: 17/07/21 – 08:00 – 10:00

Chrono open: 17/07/21 – 8:00 – 10:00

Start Ex :17/07/21 – 12:00.

End Ex :18/07/21 – 12:00.

Platoon and section commanders must be present for briefings at 23:00 Friday night 16/07/21 at faction HQ.


CAT Tourniquets are required for this event.


Our standard MilSim ruleset will apply.



What to expect: Please read before attending!


This is a 24 hour Military Simulation exercise.

There are a variety of different roles in this event involving both conventional and unconventional warfare and some role play. Do not expect a skirmish style game with constant action. With this in mind please bring the right attitude to this event. Do not arrive expecting to go off task in search of a firefight, if this is your attitude then please do not book a ticket. We expect participants to follow the instructions from the chain of command to ensure a realistic and enjoyable event for all involved.


Tickets will be available:
23/06/21 at 19:00.
Tickets €90, A non refundable deposit of €40 will be required to secure a place


Note on uniforms for this event.  

Factions in this campaign are distinguished primarily by a mix of uniforms and headgear. Players must make a decent effort with their uniform to look the part of their chosen faction.

Pay close attention to our uniform recommendations. 

If you are not sure about your chosen uniform please contact us before the event to check.


US ATF/DEA Joint Task Force 

80 Places

This is a conventional militarized police force. Expect to conduct patrols, checkpoints, conduct searches, deal with civilians, execute planned raids and engage in direct action against enemy units.

Headgear requirement: Boonie hats, helmets. 

Uniform recommendation: Full OD/ranger green, full grey, full black. 

Any colour load bearing equipment is allowed.

Any colour Boonie or helmet cover is allowed.

Ghillie suits are allowed. 


No camouflage fatigues. 

No civilian clothing or PMC style loadouts. 

All players will be issued with a basic faction patch. No other patches are allowed except for US flags, ATF or DEA badges.

Once you have paid please fill out the registration form at the bottom of the page


Sinaloa Cartel 

40 places

What to Expect: This is a crime orientated faction. Expect to conduct smuggling operations, blending as unarmed civilians as well as direct action against Police units.   

 Uniform requirement: Civilian clothing. 

 Uniform recommendation 

Bandannas, streetwear influenced clothing, gold chains, face tattoos, sports tracksuits etc.  Camo trousers can be worn (woodland based). 
Any colour load bearing equipment is allowed.


No full camo or solid colours in OD, grey or tan.

No ghillie suits allowed 

No military, police or PMC style loadouts allowed 

No trucker / baseball hats

No boonie hats

Once you have paid please fill out the registration form at the bottom of the page


Montana Militiamen

40 places

Uniform Requirement : Civilian clothing

Uniform Recommendation : Trucker/Baseball cap, flannel shirts, denim jeans, workwear etc. with the option to mix with desert patterned camo or solid tan. 


No full camo or solid green. 

Any colour load bearing equipment is allowed

No ghillie suits allowed 

No military or police  style loadouts allowed 

No boonie hats

No Bandannas

Once you have paid please fill out the registration form at the bottom of the page


Stillwater Civilians €50 ticket

20 places

What to expect: This is mainly a role playing experience with very limited combat.

Players are strongly encouraged to come up with their own roles to enhance the experience for others attending the event, civilians will be organised into towns depending on their role each town will have a doctor and mayor,managing the local co-op as well as whatever other trades players come up with. 

Other civilian roles such as news reporters will be free roaming and are not attached to any particular town or faction, contact us if you are interested in taking part as a news reporter or if you have another idea for a free roaming civilian.

Uniform Requirement : Civilian clothing

Uniform recommendation: If you are taking part in any of the above roles you must look the part for the role.

If you are coming up with your own role any type of civilian clothing is acceptable but please contact us to confirm. 

No boonie hats or helmets. 

No Military clothing or equipment allowed

No Full Auto capable weapons allowed. Single shot shotguns and rifles and gas pistols only.

Once you have paid please fill out the registration form at the bottom of the page


Stillwater County Police €50 Ticket

6 places  SOLD OUT!

What to expect: This is  primarily a role playing experience with limited combat expect to engage in local policing duties such as dealing with civilians and assisting the ATF/DEA, this is not a tactical combat role.

Headgear Requirement: Police hat or other appropriate police headgear. 

Uniform Recommendation:  BPA will provide a uniform police jacket, please come with black trousers.

Minimal load bearing equipment is allowed such as a belt rig, contact us if you have any questions. 



Good boots.

Faction headgear and uniform
Spare socks.
Airsoft RIF.
Replica knife (knife kills).
Spare batteries for everything.
Eye protection.
Mid cap magazines.
Torch (+ red filter).
Spare glow sticks.
Water for the duration of the event and the means to carry it.
Food (ration packs or tinned food etc.).
Energy food (mint cake, energy bars, glucose sweets etc.).
Cooking equipment.
Good backpack/bergen
Sleeping bag.
Ground mat.
Basha/bivi bag or tent if in campsite.
Orange death rag.
Spare orange death rag.
Radio (+ headset).
Multi tool.
Combat Application Tourniquet