Skirmish Day 23rd October 


We will be hosting an open skirmish day on Sunday the 23rd of October.

We will be running some skirmish games followed by some more milsim stlye games after the break.


Chrono and sign in open 09:30 – 10:45  

Skirmish games : 11:00 – 13:00 

Break 15 – 20 min

Milsim style games: 13:30 – 15:00 

Very limited number of rentals also available please contact us beforehand.

Cost with rental gun (€35) 

If you would like to attend you can pay the full price of €25 using the Paypal button below.






Operation Skylance

Kaesong, North Korea September 10th 2022


Current Situation:

North Korea, officially known as The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK), is ruled by a totalitarian hereditary dictatorship under the supreme leadership of Kim Jong-un. Recent food shortages have seen the country struggling to provide basic meals for its population and certain areas have attributed deaths due to malnutrition.

In the wake of the current food crisis a resistance group located in South Korea known as the North Korean Peoples Liberation Front (NKPLF) are taking advantage of the current food crisis to spark resistance on the Northern side of the 38th Parallel. The NKPLF have stepped up their information war in recent weeks with large scale balloon drops targeting towns and villages close to the DMZ.

Kaesong is a special administrative industrial region for North Korea. Its proximity to the border also makes it an ideal target for the NKPLF. Recent intelligence reports have identified multiple strategic targets in the region that could seriously impact North Korean military industrial capabilities as well as sowing dissent amongst the ranks of the KPA.

Local dissident operatives have secured a large amount of firearms and explosives from an unknown source and operations are being planned for a serious of tactical strikes and assassinations to weaken the Norths stranglehold on its population. DPRK armed forces have mobilised and already begun a series of raids to combat any insurgency based on tip off from loyal party informers. 


Gates open: 23/09/22 – 17:00

Sign in open: 23/09/22 – 17:00 – 22:00

Chrono open: 23/09/22 – 17:00 – 22:00


No sign in on Saturday 24/09/22


Start Ex: 24/09/22 – 08:00

End Ex: 24/9/22 – 20:00

Section commanders must be present for briefings at 23:00 Friday night.


No Sign In or Chrono on Sat 24th! 


CAT tourniquets are required for this event. 


Our standard MilSim ruleset will apply.


Please read before attending!


What to expect:

This is a 12 hour Military Simulation exercise.

There are a variety of different roles in this event involving conventional and gurellia warfare, scenario based objectives  and some limited role play. Do not expect a skirmish style game with constant action. With this in mind please bring the right attitude to this event. Do not arrive expecting to go off task in search of a firefight, if this is your attitude then please do not book a ticket. 

Be prepared to carry all your equipment to your FOB before Start Ex. 

All participants are expected to stay in game for the duration of the exercise.

We expect participants to follow the instructions from the chain of command to ensure a realistic and enjoyable event for all involved.


Ticket release date Wednesday 14/09/22 19:00 

Tickets €60. A non refundable deposit of €40 will be required to secure a place.



Note on uniforms for this event.  

Factions in this campaign are distinguished primarily by headgear and uniform. We expect you to make a decent effort with your uniform to avoid friendly fire incidents as well as looking the part of your chosen faction. 

If you are not sure about your chosen uniform please contact us before the event to check.



Korean People’s Army Ground Force – 1st Division (KPA)

Places: 100

Uniform requirement: OD / Ranger green and boonies.
No full camo patterns or camo jackets/tops. 

Any colour load bearing equipment is accepted.

Recommended DPRK flag or a red star patch.

All players must adhere to the correct uniform requirements. This will increase the level of immersion during the event.

What to expect in this unit:

Operations will include recon and contact patrols, QRF support roles and a scheduled FOB defense procedure as well as management of POW’s and capture and arrest protocols as well as dealing with civilians.


North Korean Peoples Liberation Front (NKPLF) 

Places: 100

Uniform Requirements: Mix of camo patterns and civilian clothing and helmets, beanies, bandannas or berets.

No boonies, baseball caps or peaked hats permitted. 

No OD green fatigues


All players must adhere to the correct uniform requirements. This will increase the level of immersion during the event.


What to expect in this unit:

This is a guerilla warfare faction, expect to conduct hit and run attacks, conduct IED based warfare, conduct recon as civilians as well as coordinated large scale assaults on enemy positions.




Recommended kit list

Good boots.
Faction headgear and uniform
Spare socks.
Airsoft RIF.
Replica knife (knife kills).
Spare batteries for everything.
Eye protection.
Mid cap magazines.
Torch (+ red filter).
Spare glow sticks.
Water for the duration of the event and the means to carry it.
Food (ration packs or tinned food etc.).
Energy food (mint cake, energy bars, glucose sweets etc.).
Cooking equipment.
Good backpack/bergen
Sleeping bag.
Ground mat.
Basha/bivi bag or tent if in campsite.
Orange death rag.
Spare orange death rag.
Radio (+ headset).
Multi tool.
Combat Application Tourniquet