Milsim Rules



All players are expected to know the rules and use their common sense in following them. The principle of “how would it work in real life” will be applied in dealing with problems. Ignorance of the rules will not be an excuse for poor behavior. If you have any questions ask on the forums in advance of the game, or check with Game and Embedded Marshals on the day.

The rules are there to enhance the experience at the event, it is your duty to follow them to the best of your ability, not to find ways around them or look for loopholes.

Cheating of any sort as well as any infractions recorded by a marshal are kept on file. Any players or teams who continually come to our attention will be asked not to return to ANY of our events.

A marshal’s word is final. Treat all marshals with respect. In game marshals will be in play and will identify themselves to you in the event of an issue arising.

Please bring any infraction or infringement of the rules to a marshals attention. There’s no point complaining about the incident 4 hours after the event has happened as we can not deal with the situation then.

All players have a responsibility to ensure the game is running its best at all times. If you see a player on your own side break a rule please mention it to them in a friendly manner. Through this style of honest game play we can all do our part to better the quality of play for everyone.

It is your duty as an airsofter to show other players the same respect you would like to receive yourself. Do not bring shame on yourself or your team by playing in an unfair manner. We expect a high standard of honesty and play from all participants.

This is our hobby, RESPECT IT!

More info about our new sign in and chrono procedures will be sent via email to ticket holders. 

Death Rags

Orange/red coloured death rags are mandatory!

Death rags will be made available on site for €2.

Any piece of material at least 300mm X 300mm is acceptable.

Players must make their death rag visible upon being hit and when off game.

Players must use a flashing green or flashing red light at night time to mark themselves as hit. 

Flashing white or constant red is not acceptable.

We are no longer giving out glowsticks at events. 

Ammo Rules

Ammunition will be supplied by Bellurgan Park Airsoft. The reason for this is to introduce a military supply chain and logistics into the event as well as to ensure the biodegradable nature of all bb’s used on site

Biodegradable, ‘Open Blaster’ BBs will be supplied in .25g and .28g weight.

You can of course still bring your own BBs to our events but this is not encouraged.

You will need to produce a brand new, unopened bag/bottle of certified bio bbs at sign in.

We recommend you mark your name on your bbs.

These BB’s will then be placed inside your factions magazine crate and will be transported to your FOB.

You may not bring your own bb’s to reload from your tent ! If you are bringing your own bbs you must hand in the unopened bag or bottle at sign in.

Some of your BB’s can be held in reserve so not all of them will be prone to enemy raids.

Any of your BB’s lost to raids that are not retrieved during the event will be returned to the sign in desk at Endex.

Ammunition will now play a more pivotal role in the event as it can now be captured by the enemy, stores must be safeguarded from enemy raids.

Ammo may be transported into the field in an ammo crate only, no loose BB’s can be carried on your person in bags or bottles. You may reload in the field from these crates.

Ammo crates may not be stored in your tent or hidden anywhere.  

Ammo crates brought into the field must only be stored at either a CCP, 4×4, FOB or designated stash point. 

You may not transport them in a backpack.

These crates are liable to raids by the enemy.

The F.O.B and 4×4’s may store larger crates with more ammo.

Section commanders will be issued ammunition at FOB and it is up to them to supply their troops.

Ammo can now be requested from HQ and transported via 4×4 for rearming troops in the field.

Rules for reloading. You now will only be able to reload from an ammunition box. This is the only place a bottle of BBs can be stored or transported in.

You may carry an empty speed-loader should you come across an ammo cache in the field.

Ammo limits

600 rounds per rifleman. In mid-caps only (includes additional weapons).

This includes assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols and submachine guns.

Support weapons

A support gun must be an accurate real world replica to count as a support gun. Krytac LMGs or other LMGs not based on real world firearms are prohibited.

Light machine guns (LMG)

Light machine guns are restricted to 1500 rounds in any type of magazine.

Light machine guns are defined here as machine gun variants of assault rifles.

Light machine guns are normally magazine fed under 5kg –

RPK, MG36, L86 LSW etc.

Medium machine guns (MMG)

Medium machine guns are restricted to 3000 rounds in magazines/box mag.

Large machine guns are normally belt fed with bi-pods over 5kg –

M249, M60, M63, PKM, FN MAG etc.


You may carry up to 6 grenades including refills at any one time.

Swiss arms anti personnel single shot grenade launchers and Airsoft innovations 40 mike gas grenades are now banned from all events. 


Hit Rules

When hit, players must call ‘hit’ out loud, raise their hand so as to clearly let the other player know you are hit, go to ground where you are hit and mark themselves as ‘hit’ by displaying their death rag.

Hit players may step out of the line of fire. You must step away from cover not towards it if you choose to do so.

Players may not use ‘hit’ players as cover.

Grenade and Knife Kills: 5 minute bleed out to allow for searches.

Dead men don’t talk! Hit men may call for their medic ONLY. No other communication is permitted whether it be verbal or nonverbal.

It is also not permitted to give information to command if you did not return with it alive.

You can’t take it with you – When a player goes to re-spawn any large game props (ammo boxes, missile launchers etc.) should be left behind in the open. Smaller items (documents, money etc.) can be retained.

You may not engage targets through small holes in walls or through cracks in doors etc. Rule of thumb, if you can’t climb through it don’t shoot through it!

Ricochets do not count.


Tactical Awareness

Even though a player may be out of AEG range they still must act as if they are in range and take appropriate cover. This promotes realism and immersion.

If you come under contact from the enemy when crossing open ground such as a field you should either go to ground to engage the enemy or proceed quickly to the headland or to hard cover if available.

Do not engage the enemy while standing up in open ground.

If you are in breach of this rule you may be issued with a tactical hit by a marshal only.

Do not call out other players in an attempt to have them hit, leave this to the discretion of the marshals.


Knife Kills    

An Imitation knife is required to make a knife kill.                 

Knife kills are made by holding the knife up to the player and saying “knife” or “knife kill”. The player who has been knife killed moves silently to their respawn after a 5 minute bleed out. 

We expect players to honour opponents efforts to sneak up on them by remaining silent!

Players may bring their own imitation knives which must be able to bend or flex. If you have any doubts about your particular brand then please have it inspected at sign in.                     


Grenade Kills

A grenade kill is considered ‘fatal’ (no medic may treat). Return to respawn after a 5 minute bleed out time.

Grenades (or IED’s) that produce an audible sound have a 3m kill radius unless you are behind solid cover.

Gun Hits

If your gun is hit, call “GUN HIT”. You can then use your secondary weapon, or return to re-spawn to repair your weapon. 

Medic Rules

1st Hit: Any player can heal you using your Combat Application Tourniquet. 

2nd Hit: Only a Medic can heal you using a second Combat Application Tourniquet or a field dressing.

Subsequent hits: Only a medic can heal using IV 

You must return to respawn after 5  minute bleed out. 

IV system
IV bags are provided to medics at command briefing.

To heal an injured player with an IV kneel down beside wounded player and empty the contents of the bag beside them, do not squeeze the bag! 

IV bags can be refilled at the FOB. 

Players may swap empty IV bags with full IV bags from captured enemy players. 

You must supply your own C.A.T’s and/or field dressing.

Any player may heal a medic using their equipment. 

If you do not have the necessary equipment to be healed you must respawn after your 5 minute bleed out.  

You must make the bandage visible to the player or medic however you may not pre tie the CAT around your arm. 

A very limited amount of Combat application tourniquets are available for purchase at sign in on site, however we would encourage you to bring your own.

Bleed out time.
After being hit you must remain on the ground for 5 minutes. If another player or a medic does not get to you to apply treatment you are considered dead and must return to the CCP or FOB to regen.

If any other player gets to you before your bleed out time ends you are considered stabilized and your bleed out time stops. 

Live players must not mix or mingle with ‘dead’ players.

A wounded player can be finished off with a ‘coup de grace’/execution. This is carried out by knife or bang kill only.



Casualty collection points (CCP) are considered respawns.

The FOB is considered as a permanent CCP, there will be an alternate re-spawn point  in case of attack, when the FOB is under attack you may not re-spawn there.

Your side’s flag be raised to use the CCP. 

Dead players can re-spawn at a CCP when:

  • Position is not under contention (incoming or outgoing fire).
  • The position is clear of the enemy i.e. no known enemy within 50m of location.

If you are hit within 50 meters of a CCP you may not re-spawn there.



Prisoner Rules
  •  All discovered weapons are to be made safe by the captured player.
  • Once you get to the enemy player they are considered stabilized and their bleed out time is stopped.
  • Once their bleed out time is stopped you may take them prisoner after you heal them using medic rules.
  • Prisoners must hold a tie wrap or loop of rope etc. to represent their hands being bound. Players with “bound hands” cannot use them unless they are released by friendly players or have successfully broken their bonds.
  • If a prisoner breaks their bonds or escapes they may not use any undiscovered weapons for 5 minutes.
  • Captured prisoners must walk and comply fully with their captors, they may not resist or force their captors to drag them, contact is maintained using a rope tied to the prisoners waist or equipment or by putting one hand on the shoulder of the prisoner, contact can also be maintained by putting a hand on the shoulder of the prisioner.
  • If contact is broken then the prisoner may attempt to escape. 
  • If the player  is over 18 and is happy to be physically searched then the capturing player may physically search the prisoner for hidden weapons or other game items. 
  • Players may not take ammo from the magazines of dead or injured enemies.
  • Players are allowed to bring prisoners for interrogation at HQ using Interrogation rules.
  • Players may keep prisoners for a maximum of 60 minutes.
Interrogation Rules

If a prisoner does not want to answer questions asked by their captor they must hold a stress position for 2 minutes. If they cannot then they must truthfully and helpfully answer up to three questions.

This must be supervised by a head marshal (Faction I/C), If no marshal is present the player cannot be interrogated. 

Simulated Carry
  • Players can be dragged into cover to be healed.




In-Game Props

All game props are to be treated with the utmost respect and care as if handling one’s own equipment.

All props are to be used as instructed.

Props that are game objectives must be held in the FOB compound and not hidden anywhere else.

All props remain the property of Bellurgan Park Airsoft and must not be removed from the site.



Some objectives may require the use of breaching tools that will be supplied.

You may also bring your own.

Permitted tools are: Bolt cutters for chains and padlocks. Nail/jimmy bar for opening doors.

You will be instructed on what doors may be breached. 

Please use caution and common sense when breaching to avoid injury due to broken timber and screws.


Single fire only inside all buildings and when in confined spaces such as CQB environments and clearing trenches.

We encourage the use of single fire shots when possible outside the required locations.